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Sales Process Redesign Implementation and
Integration Consulting and Coaching

Support the successful implementation and integration of the new sales process and customer management practices, and turnkey toolkit utilization.

Our Intention

  • To assist our clients in aligning their frontline sales activities with the strategic goals of their company in a manner conducive to customer cooperation and consistent with customer expectations.
  • To build client franchises through more effective integration of consumer and customer marketing and through more cohesive efforts involving internal resources and frontline sales actions.
  • To provide consulting expertise, skills, and educational and organizational development to help our clients' sales organizations and cross-functional teams evolve from being product-focused and tactically driven to being customer-focused and strategically driven.

Our Distinction

  • Selling Solutions Inc. provides customized attention, focus, and service to each individual client. We serve one client at a time to provide undistracted professional consultation, a customized process, and timely results. We are dedicated to the relevant, real needs of your business or organization. We take the time necessary during the initial situation assessment and gap analysis phase of each project to understand your business, your selling environment, and the key issues you face - rather than merely providing generic third-party instruction.
  • We promote sales and marketing professionalism through the establishment of a sales process, customer management practices, business planning and analysis, customer understanding, the building of productive relationships, and the commitment to continuous process improvement.

You have specialized needs. Your sales and cross-functional staff are comprised of individuals. Your customers and strategic accounts are distinctive. Your products and services are particular and your challenges are specific. Standardized, off-the-shelf, consulting and training approaches will not provide solutions to unique problems, Selling Solutions Inc. will.

Forensic Customer Management® is the KEY to Business Success

Sales Process Redesign
and Transformation

Build, develop, and maintain high-performance sales, marketing, and cross-functional teams in order to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Forensic Customer Management® Presentation and Learning Workshop

Learn how to effectively manage your customers by booking our Executive Presentation - an excellent overview for members of your association or organization. Or start the transformation process with our 2.5-day Learning Workshop.

Heading into a difficult negotiation? DON'T BE TAKEN ADVANTaGE OF IN YOUR HIGH-VALUE NEGOTIATIONSLearn More
Heading into a difficult negotiation? DON'T BE TAKEN ADVANTaGE OF IN YOUR HIGH-VALUE NEGOTIATIONSLearn More

Forensic Customer Management® Turnkey Toolkit

The reason why most sales training programs are not successful is because the training is not supported by proper customer management practices, and members of sales organizations are not provided with the necessary turnkey tools that are required to support the new sales process. Our client organizations receive the tools they'll need to improve sales productivity and business results, including the Six Stages of the Perpetual Cycle of the Forensic Customer Management Process Diagram®, Forensic Customer Blueprinting® Questions; Customer Profile Template; Customer Proposal Letters, Capability Presentation Template, Customer Contact Report, and Internal Business Recommendation formats ... AND MORE!

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